7% Sodium Chloride

Inhalation Solution

Argentine Industry - Dispense under prescription


Each single-dose ampoule contains:
Sodium chloride 0.28 g
Sterile purified water qs 4 ml

SALINDOSA® is a sterile nonpyrogenic solution of 7% sodium chloride, without preservatives, for inhalation treatment.


The single-dose ampoule content is indicated to induce the sputum production when sample collection has been indicated. 

Marketed presentations:

Packs containing 12 or 16 single-dose 4-ml ampoules.


Store at room temperature between 15 and 30 °C, inside the marketed packing.

Medicinal speciality authorised by the Ministry of Health.
Certificate Nº 56111

Laboratorio DOSA S.A. 
Girardot 1369 (C1427AKC)  City of  Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Pharmaceutical Director: María C. Terzo, Pharmacist.