Active ingredient: Tobramycin 300 mg

Dosage form: inhalation solution - Argentine Industry


Each single-dose ampoule contains:

Tobramicyn 300 mg
Sodium chloride11.25 mg
Sulphuric acid q.s. top H 6.0
Steril water for injection q.s.5 ml 


TOBRADOSA HALER® is indicated for patients with cystic fibrosis with Pseudomonas aeruginosa. TOBRADOSA HALER® has been specifically formulated to be administered by inhalation; following inhalation, TOBRADOSA HALER® is concentrated in the airways. 

Therapeutic action: 



The stability of TOBRADOSA HALER® inhalation solutions kept in the marketed packing is 24 months at temperature between 2º and 8º C, and 28 days at temperature below 25º C. 

Marketed presentations: 

TOBRADOSA HALER® (tobramycin 300 mg/5 ml):
Pack containing 28 single-dose ampoules.
Pack containing 56 single-dose ampoules.

Medicinal speciality authorised by the Ministry of Health.Certificate Nº 51910 

Laboratorio DOSA S.A.
Girardot 1369 (C1427AKC) Buenos Aires, Argentine.
Pharmaceutical Director: María C. Terzo, Pharmacist.